Ain t no future in yo frontin mc breed

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ain t no future in yo frontin mc breed

"Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin'" is a song performed by American hip hop group MC Breed and DFC from Flint, Michigan. It was released in through.

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MC Breed, one of the first commercially successful and nationally recognized rappers from the Midwest, died on Saturday in Ypsilanti, Mich. He was The cause was kidney failure, said his manager, Darryl Morris. In September, Mr. Breed was hospitalized for the same condition after collapsing at a basketball game and was briefly placed on life support.

Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Over the weekend, the hip-hop community was hit with sad news. Early '90s rapper MC Breed died in his sleep, only two months after being released from an Atlanta hospital for kidney failure. He was just 36 years old.

Released Feb 12, P Simitar. Ah yeah Ya don't stop Sound good to me This sound hard, somethin funky people gon' dance to Give the record a second and a chance to Hittin people like a scene of amazement While they slippin back my feet is planted in the pavement Crumble I can never do So now I'm lookin dead at you What are you gonna do? You listen to the knowledge of a scholar You say 'Hi Breed,' tell em how I holler I'm the E Double, and I proclaim my name Straight up good game, peeps all game I'm like a rhino runnin through the roughest pack They figure I'm a trigga-happy nigga, so they step back Breed, the microphonist Boot last the longest The noose's the strongest It ain't a game, that's plain to see You listen to the sounds of Breed and the DFC There ain't no future in your frontin I never got caught with a kilo And if you ever do, yo, it will never be with me, yo Servin in a Cherokee or maybe it's a GTO Black-on-black Benzo, I get it at Never have to worry bout my posse gettin jumped Cause if we ever do, yo TB, pop the trunk Cause we don't go for playin, when I play go grab a ball When I'm on the mic I ain't for playin, not at all Cause I clock 10 g's a week boomin at my peak Always seek E sober, but I do get geeked I can give you a job, a place to eat hearty Meet your homeboy Marty at a b. I'm pickin suckers like a four-leaf clover They're bitin lyrics on the mic, I diss these cobras So now they're sayin, "Eric Breed is gettin over" There ain't no future in your frontin Ha-ha-ha There ain't no future in your frontin I'm the B, the r to the double e-d and Down with my homie G-a-s and O. Hm, Tear down the doors Man There ain't no future in your frontin Never was, cuz There ain't no future in your frontin Hey man, let's start this party up, right? Beat y'all Keep on.

"Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin'" Released: ; "Just Kickin' It" Released: Professional ratings. Review scores. Source, Rating. AllMusic, 3/5 stars. RapReviews, /10 stars. M.C. Breed & DFC. is the collaborative studio album by American recording artist MC Breed.
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One of the first rappers to come out the Midwest in the early '90s, MC Breed experienced modest success while based in Flint, MI, before leaving the Midwest to work with the D. Following this initial success, unprecedented at the time for a Midwestern rap act, Breed adopted more of a West Coast gangsta sound. He began working with D. By this point, the Flint native had left the Midwest and DFC behind and was networking on all coasts. However, Breed would never match the success of that album, and subsequent releases throughout the '90s -- many of them featuring Too Short, whom Breed became close with when the two relocated to Atlanta -- didn't chart nearly as well. Nonetheless, he remained prolific as an underground rapper, releasing generally an album a year and aligning himself with the Dirty South movement.

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By the early s, Rap music thrived when it surrounded itself with themes of hard times. Flint, Michigan was an epicenter for a changing economy, addiction, poverty, and crime. With that backdrop, an MC from a cutthroat place rapped about how honesty, slow-and-steady wins. Fronters, jackers, takers, and toys were not going to win in the end. In a that produced Rap superstars in Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, and others—while talent was arguably being overlooked, the message applied to music, business, and life.

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