South carolina mega million winner

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South Carolina lottery: Why hasn't winner of $1.5B Mega Millions jackpot not claimed it?

south carolina mega million winner

$1 Million Mega Millions ticket sold in South Carolina


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It was the largest payout to a single lottery winner in United States history. Winning the lottery comes with a long list of difficult decisions, which may explain the delay in making the claim. Thus far, the winner has followed the typical playbook to minimize or avoid potential complications : The person has stayed anonymous, and has gotten help. The winner retained Jason M. In October, Mr. Kurland told The New York Times that the biggest challenge is making sure the windfall does not ruin personal relationships. Kurland said.

March 4, pm Updated March 5, am. The winner allowed a fellow customer to make a Mega Millions lottery ticket purchase in front of them while in line at the store, the commission said. South Carolina is one of a handful of states where winners can remain anonymous a choice that winners often make to protect themselves from being targeted by criminals or unscrupulous people seeking money. The winning ticket was sold between Oct. Some theorized that the winner was on the run from police and feared a background check if he or she won. Some thought the winner was so overwhelmed at seeing the winning numbers pop up that he or she died on the spot.

Here is what we do know. But, as of this week, no one has come forward to claim the billion-dollar prize, and time slowly is running out. Lottery Commission, still waiting on someone to come forward with the winning ticket. But that would be a step down in how much money the state could collect from a winner coming forward. Tony Cooper, chief operating officer of the S. Simpsonville is close to two major interstates, I and I south of Greenville. A driver from out of state may have stopped off at the KC Mart No.

The ticket was sold at the KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina , sometime between 20 October and the draw at 11pm three days later. Whoever bought it has until 5pm on 19 April to walk into the South Carolina Lottery office in Columbia and claim the jackpot. Simpsonville is a rapidly growing suburb of about 22, people south of Greenville. The KC Mart store is away from the suburban core on a two-lane road past several recently constructed subdivisions. Employee Jee Patel said this week that the day after the draw, state law enforcement agents were waiting in the parking lot when workers arrived at 6am. Everyone entering the KC Mart on a recent cold winter day figured the winning ticket was sold to someone living or working nearby.

South Carolina lottery winner claims record $877 million cash prize

North Carolina Mega Millions

Delaware, Kansas, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, North Dakota and Ohio are among other places where winners can laugh all the way to the bank in complete anonymity. Rose noted that winning lottery players have a reasonable request to stay out of the limelight. The winner had not stepped forward by the close of business on Wednesday, a South Carolina lottery spokeswoman said. The question of allowing lottery winners to stay nameless is an ongoing issue. A Jane Doe in New Hampshire filed suit earlier this year against the Granite State earlier this year, demanding that her name be kept under wraps. New Hampshire Lottery marketing director Maura McCann said her agency will keep naming prize winners until a court says otherwise. We are a transparent government entity.

(Reuters) - The anonymous sole winner of a $ billion U.S. Mega Millions drawing last fall has come forward to claim the jackpot, choosing to.
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  1. The unidentified person in South Carolina holding the Mega Millions jackpot ticket is not the only lucky winner.

  2. The winner of the largest lottery jackpot payout to a single person has finally claimed their prize in South Carolina. Lottery officials announced.

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