What to do with leftover sweet and sour meatballs

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6 Ways to Use Leftover Meatballs

what to do with leftover sweet and sour meatballs

What to do leftover meatballs, from a quick soup to an easy pizza.

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Enlighten me Left over sweet and sour sauce, what can it become? Question i. The second guy is annoyed because this is communicated badly, so he had no chance at guessing language. Give 'em a good scare before eating. Combine it with ketchup and Worcestershire sauce and you've got BBQ sauce.

Treat your family to these tender and delicious Sweet and Sour Meatballs combined with bell peppers, snow peas, and pineapples. Homemade is the best! Meatballs are a favorite at our house. They are so versatile and appear often in the lunchboxes and on the dinner table as a side or main dish. Homemade ones are just the best as all kinds of goodies can be mixed in or cooked with them like this Sweet and Sour Meatballs dish. There can never be too many meatballs and leftovers exist only because I plan for them. Most meatballs here are made with ground beef.

We LOVE meatballs!! We have all sorts of versions here on the site, including a homemade meatball version and have loved trying out different recipes with them. We were so happy with the result. Not only was the recipe simple, but the flavors of the meatballs, sauce, and veggies were amazing! We have a homemade sweet and sour sauce we LOVE, but this is a quicker and more simple version that we loved too! To make it you will add the brown sugar, vinegar, ketchup, soy sauce and 2 cups of the pineapple juice to a large skillet.

So good and so tender these Sweet and Sour Meatballs take a flavorful meatball and cover them in a perfect sweet and sour sauce for a dinner the whole family will crave. I am always on the search for dinners my whole family will eat, and these Sweet and Sour Meatballs are a winner!
what to do with leftover sweet and sour meatballs

Here are six ways to transform leftover meatballs into a new meal. But if you do, here are six ways to transform them into a new meal. Lettuce wraps Wrap not-too-saucy meatballs in Boston lettuce and make a quick aioli either the traditional kind or one made with avocado for dipping. Sandwich Saucy meatballs are great warmed and served on a hoagie roll, of course. If the meatballs are seasoned with Asian ingredients like garlic and ginger, serve them with carrot pickles, cilantro and mayo for a Vietnamese banh mi. Pizza Mash meatballs into tomato sauce, then spread on par-baked pizza dough and bake for 10 minutes.


Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Post a Comment. Saturday, July 14, Sweet and Sour Meatballs. I must admit, that once or twice I've cheated on this one and used store-bought meatballs when they were on sale. Beef prices being what they are, I'll usually go for the cheaper option. Given a decent price for ground beef, however, these are pretty easy to do. When I've done them with the cheap frozen meatballs, I've just prepared the sauce and put it with the frozen meatballs in the slow cooker for a couple of hours.


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