Reset maintenance light toyota corolla 2016

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2018 Toyota Corolla Maintenance Required Minder Light Reset

reset maintenance light toyota corolla 2016

Explore this guide to turning off the maintenance light on the Toyota Corolla. Follow these steps after you've taken care of regular maintenance.

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Toyota vehicles have an excellent reputation for reliability. In recent years, this reputation has been bolstered by the addition of self-diagnostic systems to let owners know when its time to visit the J. Pauley Toyota Service Department. One of the most common is that an owner had work done and someone forgot to reset it. This is fairly common for people that change their own oil on their vehicles.

When this light comes on, it could be an indicator of a missed oil change or another regular maintenance appointment that your vehicle needs. If you want to do this on your own, try these steps:. The steps above will differ if your Corolla has a color multi-information display. Check out our service specials before making the trip to save more! Contact us today!

This is the eleventh generation of the Toyota Corolla sold internationally. After the American debut, the global expansion of the model begins: in the ASEAN market it is introduced as Corolla Altis and is produced in many countries. At the New York Auto Show, along with the restyling of the international Corolla E, Toyota will present a special series of its 50th Anniversary car to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Corolla. The Corolla E Phase 2 is produced for It will be unveiled at the New York Auto Show in two different forms. The American version is distinguished by bumper bottom protruding the front, the black plastic center part, a grille adorned with two angular slots, the blocks with specific fog lights while the international version is characterized by tapered headlights finer connecting a new double grille, LED taillights, chrome door handles and inch wheels.

Toyota Corolla: Reset “Maintenance Required” Light

Locate the button used to toggle between your trip odometer, which should be near the speedometer display. Press the button and hold it down. Turn your vehicle's ignition to the "acc" setting while holding the button.






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  1. Turn off the maintenance light on a Toyota Corolla. Toyota vehicles have an excellent reputation for reliability. In recent years, this reputation.

  2. Toyota Corolla vehicles are equipped with a standard maintenance required light for Toyota service reminders, keeping your vehicle in better condition around La Jolla.

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